On the Honda Fit EV forum, there are plenty of reviews of driving the Fit electric vehicle. Although it may seem strange, in the electric vehicle world these days, most people purchase an electric vehicle without ever having driven it. This is partially due to the fact that the EV is available in limited numbers, so there isn’t one at every dealership in your town.

Luckily, since they’ve already purchased it, people on the Fit electric vehicle Forum seem to love driving it! One Fit EV owner here talks about how well the Fit handles in the canyons. It’s not a heavy underpowered vehicle like most people think EVs are! The Fit EV has it’s batteries all very low so that when you get into the corners, that low center of gravity really makes the Honda Fit EV handle like it is on rails!

The other advantage to electric vehicles is that an electric motor has all of its torque all the time. There is no need to wait for the engine speed to get up to 5000rpm before feeling the pull. That feature seems to allow electric vehicles to have a motor that is rated as having 30%-40% less power than it’s equivalent gas powered vehicle.